Men Hygiene Kit (Pillow Box)

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PILLOW BOX = Encourages good and easy hygiene for athletes, teens and men all over with the convenience and comfort of delivering to your door.


1 Quick Shower Wipe

Access to a shower is not always a realistic option after every awesome, stanky, or highly questionable situation. So now it’s time to embrace those moments. The DUDE Shower gives you a fast and effective way to remove DUDE stank and stay fresh on-the-go.

  • Travel Friendly Singles

  • Fragrance Free

  • Plant Based Fibers

  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL OR WORKOUTS: Our DUDE body wipes for men get you clean when there's no time for a shower. Besides the gym, try em camping, running, playing ball or hiking. They're TSA approved so you can travel with them and wipe down after a long flight.

  • EXTRA LARGE & THICK: Meet the DUDE Shower, a solution to not smelling like your gym bag. Huge, extra thick body wipes that remove odor, dirt or sweat from anywhere on your entire body. Just take a quick unscented wipe down from head to toe & you're shower fresh.
  • SUSTAINABLE CLEAN: DUDE Shower Body Wipes conserves more water than a shower and are produced with solar energy. Whether you're camping, hiking, pumping or traveling, you can stay clean & fresh AND help protect the environment. 

1 Sweat Block

(Antiperspirant) Stop embarrassing sweat up to 7 days

SweatBlock is a pre-soaked antiperspirant formula on a soft towelette. Specifically designed to stop excessive sweating and reduce irritation for up to 7 days per use, SweatBlock is strong against sweat even when other antiperspirants have let you down.

  • Stay dry and comfortable guaranteed!
  • Wear any color or fabric - worry free
  • Save your shirts and your pride
  • Apply every 7 days or as needed

OR 1 EO essential odor deodorant wipe

Stay feeling fresh on the go with effective, natural, individually-wrapped wipes. Sharp, herbal tea tree stimulates your senses. No aluminum or other toxins.A refreshing blend of tea tree essential oils uplifts the senses.

Organic alcohol derived from sugar cane helps eliminate odor at its source, while organic glycerin helps keep skin fresh and soft. These wipes are made with renewable plant fibers, so they’re gentle on the planet, too.

Never any pore-clogging aluminum, synthetic fragrances, or propylene glycol.
Organic Ethanol, Purified Water, Organic Glycerin, EO® Essential Oil Blend [Organic Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Organic Vetiveria Zizanioides Root Oil, Organic Cedrus Deodara Wood Oil, Organic Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Organic Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil]

    1 Cherry Chapstick

    Cherry flavored chapstick to keep lips smooth.

    1 Winterfresh

    Icymint breath drops that provide instant fresh breath ins a formula that is sugar-free. Ice drops come in many flavors which include Icy mint and Spearmint. 

    Tic Tacs

    • 2 mini packets of tic tacs made for on-the-go enjoyment anywhere
    • Refreshment in a tiny mint
    • Sweet, fun and flavorful – perfect anytime snack for kids and adults
    • Bulk individually wrapped Freshmint hard candy mint packs

    1 Cherry Blossom Subscription Hand Sanitizer 

    Our hand sanitizer is a convenient pocket sized 15ml antiseptic that contains 62% Ethyl Alcohol.  Contains moisturizing micro-beads with Vitamin E for hydration and deflects dry hands.

    2 Flushable DUDE wipes 

    Made with 99% water and plant based ingredients, including aloe vera and vitamin-e, DUDE Wipes are gentle on your skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings.

    • Travel Friendly Singles
    • Fragrance Free
    • Plant Based Fibers
    • 30 Singles per box

    8 Purell Wipes 

    • PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes are a simple amenity to show you care. Using PURELL wipes is a convenient and gentle way to kill germs
    • Proven to kill 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness, without damaging skin
    • Perfect for frequent use. PURELL wipes are formulated to be gentle on skin containing no harsh chemicals. Free of harsh preservatives, and do not contain dye, triclosan, parabens or phthalates
    • These individually wrapped hand wipes fit just about anywhere. Put in your pocket or bag. Add to boxed lunches or meal trays, as a caring touch

    2 Sunscreen Lotions

    • Sunscreen SPF Lotion Packets come in handy 1/8-ounce foil packets that go where you go.
    • PABA-Free and SPF30 for maximum protection

    2 Aquaphor Moisturizing Skin Protectant

    • One essential solution for many skincare needs
    • Chapped lips, dry hands and cuticles, cracked heels and feet, friction and minor burns
    • Frequent exposure to water, hand soap, hand sanitizer or extreme weather conditions can cause dry, cracked hands and cuticles. Use Aquaphor Healing Ointment to enhance healing and restore moisture
    • Different from a lotion or cream, this multi-purpose ointment protects, helps and soothes to restore smooth, healthy skin