Cherry Blossom Heating Heart

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Perfect for menstrual cramps, a massage with oil, muscle aching, back aching, and arthritis pain. This heat heart gives a soothing effect to rheumatic conditions of joints as well as pain caused by abdomen, stomach, waist, leg, shoulder, neck and nerves or simply to warm up cold hands! 
This heating massage heart is easy to use and can be used over and over numerous of times! All you have to do to activate is place the metal inside the heart between forefinger and thumb, press against it to start crystallization, when the crystallization is completed, squeeze the hot pack to make it soft and ready to use The heart with instantly heat up to approximately 129 F/ 54 Celsius when activated.


To recharge: place the hot pack in boiling water, prevent the plastic bag from contacting the bottom of the pot and leave the heart to boil on low for about 5 minutes or until all the crystals are dissolved