Cherry Blossom Subscription Service FAQ

How can I change my box to a different box this month?

Whether you pick Moontime Box this month and want Lady Business or Cherry Sunset next month, all subscribers have the ability to change their box preference by creating/logging into your account.


How can I cancel my subscription?

With the Cherry Blossom Subscription Account, you can adjust, skip, or change your product and subscription how often and freely as you like. Whether you need to upgrade and secure your box for a year or skip a month since you'll be out of town, Cherry Blossom Subscription gives you the ability to do as you wish.

We make it easy for you to skip or cancel directly online without penalties.

No commitments
No subscription fees
No long-term commitments

Please keep in mind that we do not cancel, adjust or change your subscription without your consent. If you would like to cancel your subscription please email us at


How can I create an account?

Creating an account is super quick, easy and is highly recommended since this is also how you can manage your subscription. Click on the  icon on the top right hand corner of our homepage to create an account now or click here. Deliveries arrive in discreet pink packaging right to your door. Super convenient! No more late night drug store runs

How do i update my billing address or card on file?

Simply click on the  icon on the top right hand corner of our homepage to log in/create an account now or click here. Once logged in, click  on "VIEW ADDRESSES on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. From there you can add new addresses, edit or delete.To update your card information, click on "Manage Subscriptions" under the "VIEW ADDRESSES" tab then click on "Billing Information" to update card and/or information for your current card on file.  


Cherry Blossom Heating Heart FAQ

What is the heating heart made of?

The contents inside the heart is simply water, a small metal disc and sodium acetate. Our heating heart is Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous.


How does the heating heart work?

This is a bit of science! By clicking on a metal disc in the heating heart, a nucleation centre is formed which causes the solution to crystallize into solid sodium causing the liquid inside to immediately crystallize and heat up to 54°C (130°°F) 


Will the Heating Heart reset itself after i use it?

No. When the heat pack cools down, it turns stiff almost hard, this is perfectly normal.. Simply boil for 3-5 minutes to reuse them


How do I reuse the Heating Heart over and over again?

Simply get a pot big enough for the heart, fill with water (about 2-3 cups), and gently drop in heart when water is boiling. Leave heart to boil for 3-5 minutes or until all crystals are completely dissolved. Very important; be sure to elevate the heart from the bottom of the pad. This will stop the pad from sticking to the pot. Use a towel/cloth or any heat resistant object to lay at the heating heart and allow your heart to cool.


Why won’t my heating heart crystallize or heat up?

If your heart is not heating up, make sure you place the metal disc between your forefinger and thumb. Once you have a grip of the disc, apply pressure to bend the disc both inward and outward. This will start crystallization, massage the heat during this process to soften heart and maximize heat. When the crystallization is completed, the heart is ready to use! Perfect for menstrual cramps, a massage with oil, muscle/back aches, and arthritis pain.


If my child or pet breaks the heart open, could the solution harm them? 

The liquid in Heat in a click Packs is a non toxic solution called  sodium acetate (a compound made from vinegar and baking soda) and water. The main flavouring used in making salt-and- vinegar potato chips is sodium acetate, to give an example. Heat in a click packs are environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous 

Can the heating heart leak if poked with a sharp object?

Yes. Try not to use any thing sharp when you are using the heart. We recommend taking heart out of a pot of boiling water with a big spoon .

Can I boil my heart in the microwave?

No. DO NOT MICROWAVE. There is a metal disc inside the pack and could cause damage if placed inside a microwave.

How many times can I use the heating heart? 

As long as you take good care of it, there is no limit to the number of times it can be used! That’s why we offer a one-year warrantee if defective. 

What if my heart is defective?

Occasionally a heart may require additional flexing attempts of the disc. Be sure the disc and liquid are touching at the same time as bending the metal disc to activate. It is important to listen for a *click*. If you have attempted all of the tips listed and you believe your heart is defective, contact us at with proof of purchase and your concern.

Cherry Blossom Subscription provides a ONE year replacement warranty for your heating massage heart. If for any reason your heart has become defective, please contact us at with proof of your purchase, invoice number and we will gladly replace the heart (no refunds can be issued). In order to put this warranty into effect, simply ship us your defective product along with a check for the amount of $7.95 for shipping and handling to Cherry Blossom Subscription (please make all checks to Cherry Blossom Subscription). Once we have received your request, we will be able to ship you the replacement to the address that you have provided. Hearts lose warranty if leaking, or punctured. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns at