We believe hygiene is an essential matter of basic health and a human necessity. We're dedicated to educating men and women of all ages on the importance of good hygiene habits as well as facilitating hygiene necessities to those in need.


Donate today and help underprivileged teens, women and men in need of a basic necessity: hygiene products.


Donations help us support men, women and our local teens in need from universities, homeless shelters to low income areas, with hygiene kits.


Around the world, men, women and mostly teens face barriers on receiving quality education on proper self-care. This can stem from lack of knowledge, embarrassment, or an uncomfortable approach about topics such as menstruation, sex and hygiene education. 

It can be an uncomfortable issue, but the fact of the matter is that by communicating in an educational way we can all learn and live a more cleaner hygienic lifestyle.


Good Hygiene 

Education can make a huge difference to minimize sickness, STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. 
It is very important to communicate and receive the correct help and guidance such as communicating openly with health care providers and asking questions.

 Cherry Blossom Subscription is a hygiene company in where we provide an easy way to purchase hygiene products from the comfort and privacy of your home and avoid embarrassing moments in the store. We educate women, men and teens to embrace ourselves in a safe, fresh and clean way.


Facilitating clean and essential hygiene products with the purpose that you can have a peace of mind. 


How has Cherry Blossom Subscription responded to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Cherry Blossom Subscription has seen a great increase in requests for products.

To meet the growing demand...

  • We have collected and distributed over hundreds of products since April 2020

  • Donated to low-income families, foundations for homeless women & children, Azusa Pacific University, University of Riverside, Cal state University of Northridge, churches, the homeless, and family shelters.

  • Shipped to individuals in addition to organizations

We appreciate your support of the movement and our ongoing fight to help women, men and teens who are in financial hardship.

Thank you for your support in these difficult times.


Updated 05, 2020

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