Womens Collection

Fact#1 Keep the undergarments dry. Not wiping the vagina after urinating can cause the panties to get wet, which can not only lead to bad odor but put you at risk of vaginal infections. Is always advised to wipe the area using toilet paper or a soft cloth so your underwear is always dry.

Fact#2  Why avoid douching. A douche is a device which flushes up water into the vagina to clean vaginal secretions. Douching involves the use of certain chemicals which can interfere with the vaginal pH balance. This can disrupt the normal vaginal bacteria.

Fact #2 Women, the correct way to wipe after Urinating?  The right way to clean the vagina is from front to back (the vagina to the anus) and not the other way round. This is because, if you do the other way, then the chances of dragging the harmful bacteria to the vaginal are high. So if you have been wiping in the wrong direction, then it is time to change. Not to mention you become at higher risk of UTI (Urinary Track Infections).


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