Our Purpose
Let’s be honest, being a women comes with a lot of stress. Over time, we learn to manage and work with these blessings in disguise. Having our monthly menstrual cycle is a natural inevitable raw element of being a women. Although we can not choose any aspect of our monthly flow, we can choose what we apply in, on or around our bodies!

Due to lack of knowledge, women have used toxic products every month for many years simply for convenience. Later in the years, those same women come across health problems and are perplexed as to what may have caused the issues to occur. Most of all, we have to deal with the harmful chemicals such as the dioxins, synthetic fibers, odor neutralizers, chemical fragrances and petrochemical additives. These synthetics and plastic restrict air flow and trap heat and dampness, potentially promoting yeast and bacteria growth in your vaginal area. Imagine the effects of these causes with years of exposure!

Cherry Blossom is here to educate women and provide women with only 100% cotton natural organic feminine hygiene products! We strive to educate women of all ages on living a healthier lifestyle and making life easier for women

by sending our monthly subscription box to your doorstep. Our mission is to share natural products that we love and trust with women all over the globe and give a peace of mind that every item in our box is safe and reliable.

At Cherry Blossom Subscription, we give the option to order one box at a time so that women can try our product with no commitment. After all, us women are always ready for everything and anything and with our help at Cherry Blossom, pads and tampons will be one less thing to worry about.