Natural Ways To Relive Period Pains (Cramps, Tender Breast, Headaches)


Period pains are common and can vary every month for every woman. Since it is a natural inevitable part of the menstrual experience, it is best to handle these pains the most natural ways possible! Here are some remedies!


Peppermint and Lavender

Peppermint and Lavender are helpful aids for headaches! Whether it's in a form of an essential oil that you apply to the temples and/or to the upper lip to inhale, or in a form of a tea!

In every Cherry Blossom Subscription Box there are 2 organic caffeine free made of lavender, chamomile and cinnamon tea. Lavender tea aids anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and helps alleviate pain by reducing inflammation of the muscles and joints. The soothing scent of lavender can also minimize headaches and promotes relaxation.

Drink Lots of Water

As cliche as it sounds, drinking water is essential and extremely important. Sometimes headaches and migrants are due to dehydration. Drinking water is shown to alleviate headaches within 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Relax with Yoga

As mentioned in our previous blog post exercising helps relieve period pains as it promotes endorphins in the body to release and these chemicals in the brain promote well-being. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and is easier to endure when experiencing headaches and muscle fatigue.

study found that people who practiced yoga for three months had a significant reduction in headache frequency, severity and associated symptoms, compared to those who did not practice yoga.

Tender Breast


Gently massageing tender breast can be a bit discomforting, but it is great in aiding pain relief in sore breasts. Massaging will help improve circulation and drainage in the breasts, which will reduce your pain! A simple method is during a bath or shower when the soap creates a smooth massage. Start around the nipple and massage outward in a circular motion.

Reduce Inflammation

Part of most (if not all) of our period pains is inflammation or possible an excess in estrogen. It is important to quit caffeine during this time. This is why in every Cherry Blossom Subscription box we provide caffeine-free tea! Caffeine is inflammatory, depletes vitamin reserves, and causes hormonal imbalance. Eating almonds, soy (edamame), and green veggies aid with sore great as they are a rich source of isoflavone compounds that reduce tenderness of the breast! Eat a handful of almonds or make a mixture of a spoonful of flaxseed to a glass of water. It can also be added to ice cream, yogurt or fruit juice! Green veggies are overall great for fighting inflammation, incorporate them in your every meal and see your pains go away.

Menstrual Cramps

Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea helps reduce cramps as it is full of anti-inflammatory elements that suppress prostaglandins (these are cells made by the endometrium in the uterus that provoke muscle contractions, nausea, headaches, pains and cramps.) Sipping chamomile tea restrains these discomfort-causing prostaglandins and enhances menstrual flow to ease period pains! 

Applying Heat & Warmth

Using a warm object for instance Cherry Blossom's captivating heat massage heart  on your abdomen works wonders for relieving period cramps! Simply because heal helps muscle relax. One study of women between the ages of 18 and 30 found that those who used heat of 104 degrees on their pain experienced similar pain relief benefits from those who relied on ibuprofen for cramps! Our Heating Heart heats up to 129 degrees for 30 minutes and can be used up to 100 time! Check out this video of how to use our Cherry Blossom Heat Heart and purchase today!


Overall Cherry Blossom Subscription boxes are made with careful thought and attention to detail to fit every women's needs and concerns! From the Heating Massage Heart for cramps, pains and aches, to the Lavender, chamomile stress free tea for reducing inflammation and headaches. We think of it all for you, so you don't have to :)