Top 3 Best Exercises To Do When You're On Your Period!

Although we may feel super sluggish during this time of month, there are many benefits to exercising on your period! Some of the benefits are 

  • Decrease PMS symptoms hence; enhances your mood
  • Helps fight menstrual cramps and other period pains
  • Results in better sleep

    Overall it's a great natural painkiller! The key is to not overdo it and simply exercise lightly. 

    Power Based Exercises 

    Some say that there is a potential for increase in strength during our period, sure doesn't feel like it right? LOL! This is why power-based activities is a smart move! Try these exercises!

    Jump Rope: Ya' know, with rope and you jump!

    Squat Jumps: Squatting may not be the most comfortable task to preform at this time but your booty will thank you! Simply jump up with your toes and land on your heel, land on your heel and push all your weight on to your heel and as you push up again for that next jump, push up with your toe! Using a box adds intensity but is not necessary.

    Medicine Ball: This is a personal favorite because it is so universal! Whether you want to target abs, legs or arms, the medicine ball helps achieve all! You can go from side to side crunches when you're standing feet shoulder length apart, have your arms extend in front of you while holding the medicine ball in your hands, then turn and extend whole body to your side with your face following the ball. Alternate side. You can even use the medicine ball in the previous squat jump exercise! If you want to target abs, simply get in sit up position but levitate your legs of the ground while balancing yourself ONLY WITH YOUR ABS and begin to turn side to side with the medicine ball in your hands and your face facing the ball at all times. These are killer!


    Two to three days leading up to your period is a great time to do yoga as it helps relax your body and potentially reduce symptoms like cramping, breast tenderness and muscular fatigue and soreness. Plus you finish the session feeling super refreshed and at peace. BYE PMS!

    Light Walking Light Cardio

    These low intensity and gentle movements are great to keep the body active and stimulated yet are not vigorous and stressful for the body. A light walk is proven to lighten a mood and supports the idea that your lungs work better later in your cycle. Walks are the best :)


    Overall exercise is always good for the mind, body and soul. They key is to listen to your body and never push too hard in any vigorous activity and definitely back off if you're feeling fatigued or slightly ... lazy! Nothing should feel forced!